Chả Giò (5 per order)
Authentic Vietnamese Egg Rolls
Nem Nướng, Chả Ram (2 per order)
Summer Rolls with Charbroiled Pork, Crispy Rolls, Vegetable
Thịt Nướng Cuốn (2 per order)
Charbroiled Pork & Vegetable Rolls
Gỏi Cuốn (2 per order)
Spring Rolls, Pork & Vegetable
Bì Cuốn (2 per order)
Shredded Pork & Vegetable Rolls
Chạo Tôm Cuốn (2 per order)
Shrimp Paste Rolls & Vegetable Rolls
Chạo Tôm
Grilled Shrimp Wrap Around Sugar Cane
Bánh Xèo
Rice Crepe with Shrimp & Rolls Served with Vegetable
Nem Nướng
Grilled Pork Meatball Served with Vegetable & Rice Paper
Tàu Hủ Ky
Been Curd Skin with Shrimp
Gỏi Tôm, Gỏi Gà, Gỏi Bò Salad
Shrimp Sour Salad, Chicken or Beef
Bò Nướng Xả
Beef with Lemon Grass with Vegetable & Rice Paper
Gỏi Nướng Xả
Chicken with Lemon Grass with Vegetable & Rice Paper
Bò Nướng / Heo Nướng
Charbroiled Beef or Charbroiled Pork
Sườn Nướng
Charbroiled Pork Chop
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